The ROI and Lead Gen Platform for Events

Unlock unparalleled ROI on your marketing efforts with Promo-Spin, the innovative lead-retrieval and customer engagement tool designed to turbocharge your business growth. Engage attendees at events effortlessly by inviting them to spin a digital wheel—a fun, interactive way to capture their interest and their contact information. With just a simple interaction, gain access to valuable email addresses, phone numbers, and other critical data, paving the way for highly targeted campaigns that convert.

Collect Leads

collect email, phone number, or any other piece of information.

Track ROI

Generate metrics on collected information to track event success

Email Verification

Verify email addresses collected are real via email verification.

Enforce 1-Time Use

Enforce a 1-time scan on promos to prevent multiple promotional use.

Customize Wheel

Create your own prizes and probabilities for winning them.

Event and Website Friendly

Link game to a QR code for events or embed as a widget in a website.

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